The March Loyalty Event

The March Loyalty Event is Athleta's new campaign to establish a recognizable Loyalty movement for our customers and to build awareness as well as equity within each of the Athleta Rewards program tiers. The design is part of the foundational aesthetic that will be leveraged moving forward for this future bi-annual event in an effort to create marketing that is specifically unique to and associated with Athleta Loyalty. I created everything from concept to the final product across all platforms. Another designer helped with the production portion which included over 100 assets: website desktop and mobile, app, email, social media, in store signage, and direct mail. The March Loyalty Event contains 4 different parts: Acquisition, Early Access, Main Event, and In Case You Missed It. 

Art Direction: Michele J    |    Design: Kayla Santinanavat    |    Production: Kayla Santinanavat and Hannah Vizza   |    Producer: Briana Balaban

Innovation in Motion

For Eastbay's private label clothing brand, Evapor, I  assisted in coordinating the creative vision and marketing strategy for the premium line of compression clothing for athletes, while also supporting the art direction of the campaign's photography. My team and I created a campaign toolkit of guidelines, establishing the design, tone, typography, color, and style consistency on all mediums, which also laid the groundwork  for our successful animated videos and paid social assets. 

Art Direction: Kayla Santinanavat and Allison Bisgrove     |     Photo: Adam Malooly     |     Producer: Thresa Zvolena     |     Design: Benjamin Hodgson and Amelia Ruzek


From 24 to 1: Saquon Barkley

Back to school is one of Eastbay's largest seasons. Leading the campaign, I assisted in creating the overall story, as well as the design look and feel for Saquon Barkley, a professional NFL player. In collaboration, I worked alongside the design team, copywriters, category team, and photo/video team from concept to creation. Our team created storyboards for the shot deck and art direction to use on set. We designed all of the assets for the campaign across all mediums. 

Design: Kayla Santinanavat and Leah Suwyn     |     Photo: Mahmoud Hafez and Mark Krambs     |     Video: Lucas O'Brien and Axel Learn     |    Producer: Thresa Zvolena    


Nike Air Max

With help from the casual category team, I helped create the overall concept for one of Eastbay's biggest campaigns of the year, Nike Air Max. I pitched a concept deck with a cartoon look and feel, in order to bring energy and life to our designs, as well as catering to our target market: the high school athlete. We illustrated every Nike Air Max shoe launching in March. Creating a complete holistic digital creative toolkit, this allowed other designers to pick up projects and help design assets for consistency. I also collaboratively worked with the photo and video team to create and film an animated video which launched on Nike Air Max Day, March 26th.


Impressions from the Nike Air Max Campaign:

•  1,149,253 Organic Social Media Impressions.

•  Over 60% impression share on SEM for our non-brand search campaign.

•  We had 9.27% conversion rate on the boys full site gender landing page.

•  The Boys' Air Max graphic saw higher conversion than the Boys' Landing page.

Art Direction: Kayla Santinanavat and Benjamin Hodgson     |     Video: AJ Riehbrandt     |     Design: Allison Bisgrove, Amelia Ruzek and Leah Suwyn

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