Bridal Wedding Direct Mail

The direct mail pieces I designed are for newly engaged couples planning their weddings. The strategy for targeting customers was broken down by the months leading up to their wedding date. It is a trifold direct mail piece. Each piece had different stories depending on where the customer was in their planning process. For this direct mail, the overall story was based around color. 

Mint Boxes

As a promotional piece for Men's Wearhouse, I created the pattern and designed the packaging for mint boxes. This was distributed to high school students as a marketing promotional tool to help create brand awareness surrounding our prom campaign.


Look Book

A collection of spread designs featured in the Eastbay look book, I designed spreads that circulated over 2 million copies monthly. The design team collaborated with the merchandisers, proofreaders, and design team leadership to carefully layout each page based on the sport season, new product and athlete campaigns. Our team designed anywhere from one to two look books a month featuring a professional athlete along with an omni-channel campaign for each athlete. We used Marketer's Studio and InDesign to layout each page. I assisted in designing templates for the spreads to ease the flow and consistency from page to page within each look book. 


Using Format