AthletaWell Site

I designed this landing page as a test to drive sign ups. The goal was to create a clearer, more concise visual representation of the benefits of joining AthletaWell. It generated a 1% uptick in sign ups compared to the control version.

Dockers Homepage

I designed this homepage based on new product stories arriving. I went for a simplified, clean approach to highlight a variety of product for the customer to shop easily. 

Designer: Kayla Santinanavat  |  Art Direction: Nate Corbin  |  Copywriter: Pauline Nguyen

Weekly Homepage

Aiming for a more simplified, clean, modern approach, I updated the homepage to operate with more ease and efficiency while also creating offer and site templates for our design team to utilize. I approached the modules with a more consistent layout and updated the typography guidelines, improving readability, and the overall contrast in hierarchy for the customer. 

Designers: Kayla Santinanavat, Adam Baker  |  Photographers: AJ Riehbrandt, Luke O'Brien, Paige Campbell and Lauren Brodzik


Back to School Homepage

This was the landing page I designed for our largest brand campaign for back to school. I spearheaded it, from concept to creation. I worked closely with our team of photographers, videographers, content and the art director. I art directed the video and photo shoots as well as styled on set for this campaign. I also reviewed and approved all photography edits. We used real quotes from high school athletes for relatability, authenticity and hopefully to inspire young athletes on their sport journey.  I designed all of the paid ads, social media, landing pages, and mobile app graphics.

Art Direction: Jody Moore and Kayla Santinanavat | Designer: Kayla Santinanavat | Photographers: AJ Riehbrandt, Lucas O'Brien, Paige Campbell | Coordinators: Thresa Zvolena, Sylvahna Mennisian, Madalyn Zank, Eric Uribe and Kathryn McMartin


Women's Landing Page

This was a highly needed page to direct our women customers for easy shopping. I designed it based on new product launching, the back to school campaign, and high performing categories to help bucket the customer based on their shopping habits.


Eastbay App Store

In order for any new customers to understand our app, I designed graphics that show the UX, functionality and overall benefits of the new, updated Eastbay app. This graphics are in the app store available for Android and Apple. I created all sizes for various phones. 


Eastbay Transform

Eastbay went through a complete site redesign. Experimenting with new layouts, functionality and hover states, I created mockups of what the site could potentially look like. I designed versions of the site with a sticky hamburger menu, so that the customer is always able to filter specific product no matter where they scroll on the page. The goal was to challenge my thinking, in how to make the customer shopping experience easier, while also researching best in class industry standards. This allowed me to modernize the design of our old site. 

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